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Dean, Danielle & Kimsha bring considerable experience in buying and selling houses and condos in Toronto.

Their knowledge of central residential neighbourhoods and commercial areas is extensive, but it's their motivation and keen desire to serve their clients that is paramount.

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Meet Dean, Danielle and Kimsha; we are passionate about real estate.

We love progressive architecture, sustainable design and responsible development. We are also foodies who truly appreciate a great cup of coffee!

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Some of the neighbourhoods we love - and you will, too.

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We buy & sell

renovation consultation

Deciding whether to sell & buy, or renovate & stay? We can help

design consultation

Staying? We'll help you set up your house for the way you live. Leaving? We'll design it to sell!


Basement leak? Furnace on the fritz? Raccoons at the dinner table? Consider us your personal 3-1-1.


Market up? Market down? Time to buy? Time to sell? Let our knowledge be your resource for making informed decisions.

we play in your sandbox

We'll give you an inside look into the neighbourhood, introduce you to hidden gems & guide you to our favourite spots in this sensational city.

Daily neighbourhood updates on the latest new, sold and open houses.

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