Dean’s keen talent and passion for real estate was apparent from the very start of his career over 15 years ago. He quickly attracted an extensive network of clients from all walks of life and, has won multiple awards and is recognized as one of the leading realtors in Toronto.

Dean’s knowledge of home construction and architecture, his extensive research skills and drive to find the best deal for a dollar, set him apart.

When not at work, you will find Dean on the soccer pitch or chasing the best hidden dining in Toronto. And, if you meet him out and about, you’ll immediately pick up on Dean’s dedication, non-pushy style and logical approach – all qualities that will ensure a successful and rewarding experience for his clients in the years to come.


Danielle is the fresh parent of the group, having had her first wee one in November of 2019. A well-established east end resident and expert, she offers the whitest glove service in the industry thanks to her corporate hospitality background. She is a remarkable problem solver - gift her a puzzle and you'll have a friend for life.

As well as being a source of innovation, Danielle is our calming influence, our centre, our balance, the one who keeps us in line and our energy properly focused.

If you're after an intelligent go getter who understands the delicate balance between investment and lifestyle and someone who will always put you first, then Danielle would be an exceptional choice.


Kimsha is our resident baby-wrangling, Beach- dwelling, design dolphin. She's our go-getter, our impetus, our organizing designer extraordinaire! Not only is she one of the most likeable ladies you'll ever meet, she also cares more than a care bear, and has drive that her MINI Cooper can't outpace. Her idea of relaxing after work is 50 laps in a tidal pool.

She prides herself on doing right by her clients, deal after deal. Out of the box creativity, attention to detail and making sure everything fits just right are what sets her apart.

She'll make your move feel like you've won the lottery!